2022-08-19 | Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a CI Pipeline

Continuous Integration (CI) is one of the basic building blocks of modern software engineering. It offers many advantages and is an indispensable tool in any DevOps endeavor. However, there are a few mistakes that look innocent at first, but may be a burden in the long run. In this post I’ll tell you what to look for and which pitfalls to avoid. Top Five Mistakes to Avoid There are numerous advantages why your team should use a CI pipeline, just to name a few:

2022-07-26 | What Every Developer Must Know About READMEs

For Open Source projects on a README file is mandatory. But what about your company’s internal and proprietary project? In this post I will tell you why having a README file is essential for ANY project and what it should (and should not) contain.

2021-06-18 | Living in Taiwan

I have been living in Taipei (臺北), the capital of Taiwan (台灣) from 2007 to 2009. If you plan a visit you can find my recommendations of gorgeous food or great places to visit.

2021-03-26 | Risk Management for COVID-19

A global pandemic poses many challenges. It is entire societies, countries and even continents that have to cooperate to manage the aftermath. It turns out that COVID-19 has separated the sheep from the goat like no other threat in recent history. In the following I look at successful responses and what sets them apart. Then I’ll talk about how they fit into a bigger picture from the perspective of risk management.

2020-10-11 | Mathematics of Investing

This post deals with investment and finance, applying practical mathematics and physics to financial markets. I also provide a program written in Python that performs an analysis of a portfolio of assets and finds the best selection available.