2012-08-18 | iOS Animation With Layers

This article describes advanced techniques for native animations on iOS. Specifically, it shows how to animate bezier curves, labels and their content.

2012-04-06 | Dynamic Message Resolution in Objective C

This article describes a powerful feature of the Objective-C language: the ability to handle messages dynamically at runtime!

2010-11-18 | Latency and Bandwidth

This is a practical example of how the characteristics of a parallel computer determine program optimization. It is based on a real-world physics endeavor. The parallel computers used cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and even small optimizations of 10-20% save thousands of dollars!

2010-11-18 | Optimize Routing Performance on Supercomputers

This post discusses communication routing strategies for data on massively parallel systems and supercomputers. Optimizations like these one can save thousands of dollars in real-world projects.

2010-05-28 | Changes in Perspective

If you could go back in time, what would you do different?