2006 Solar Eclipse

My first time in Turkey and my second solar eclipse.

I had already been at the solar eclipse in Central Europe in 1999, so this was the second time I have decided to visit a place specifically for a solar eclipse. Again, it was with the IAYC, an astronomy organization that promotes science and astronomy education for young people. Shape of the partially eclipsed sun

We set up our base camp close to Antalya in Turkey, at a place called Olympos. Since at the link above there are already enough pictures of the eclipse itself I rather would like to share three photos of the surroundings – which was worthwhile in its own right! Although a solar eclipse is a magnificent sight, there is no reason not to enjoy the other things the area offers.

Picture from Olympos Picture from Olympos Picture from Olympos

Another worthwhile sight is the “Chimaera (Yanartas) eternal flame”, a couple of methane gas vents that naturally burn for several thousands of years already. Maybe it’s best to visit at night! Chimaera eternal flame at night