2020-10-11 | Mathematics of Investing

This post deals with investment and finance, applying practical mathematics and physics to financial markets. I also provide a program written in Python that performs an analysis of a portfolio of assets and finds the best selection available.

2020-09-27 | Trojan Asteroids

An updated version of my “trojan asteroids tutorial” that I initially posted in 1997.

2012-11-23 | Starting Forth Reading Notes

I recently looked into the book Starting Forth by Leo Brodie. The examples have been written and tested in GForth. These are my reading notes.

2012-11-23 | Thinking Forth Reading Notes

I recently looked into the book Thinking Forth by Leo Brodie. The examples have been written and tested in GForth. These are my reading notes.

2012-08-18 | iOS Animation With Layers

This article describes advanced techniques for native animations on iOS. Specifically, it shows how to animate bezier curves, labels and their content.

2012-04-06 | Dynamic Message Resolution in Objective C

This article describes a powerful feature of the Objective-C language: the ability to handle messages dynamically at runtime!

2010-11-18 | Latency and Bandwidth

This is a practical example of how the characteristics of a parallel computer determine program optimization. It is based on a real-world physics endeavor. The parallel computers used cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and even small optimizations of 10-20% save thousands of dollars!

2010-11-18 | Optimize Routing Performance on Supercomputers

This post discusses communication routing strategies for data on massively parallel systems and supercomputers. Optimizations like these one can save thousands of dollars in real-world projects.

2010-05-28 | Changes in Perspective

If you could go back in time, what would you do different?

2010-04-24 | Highschool and Student Projects

These are computer projects I did while or was in high school and while I was a student. And what I learned from them.

2010-03-20 | How a Law Office Really Impressed Me

Germans complain that service is awful in Germany. I agree with them. However, this also means that there is an outstanding opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competition and make an impression on your customers and/or your clients.

2009-08-20 | The Homeless Who Stood Out

Can you be different and make a difference?

2009-08-05 | Style Guide for Scientific Papers

This is an update of the style guide we used when writing the hadron structure paper arXiv:1001.3620.

2009-06-21 | Handling Crisis

I originally wrote this in Summer 2009 thinking about the Financial Crisis back then. After re-posting it in Fall 2020 due to the Covid-19 situation this content is still as applicable today as it was back then.

2009-06-10 | The Future of Vision

Are we only living short-term today? Was that better in the past?

2007-07-07 | My First Trip to Korea

Some impressions from Korea which I visited for the Baryons 07 conference.

2006-04-01 | 2006 Solar Eclipse

My first time in Turkey and my second solar eclipse.

2003-09-01 | My First Trip to Japan

These are experiences from my first trip to Japan in Summer 2003.