2021-06-18 | Living in Taiwan

I have been living in Taipei (臺北), the capital of Taiwan (台灣) from 2007 to 2009. If you plan a visit you can find my recommendations of gorgeous food or great places to visit.

2021-03-26 | Risk Management for COVID-19

A global pandemic poses many challenges. It is entire societies, countries and even continents that have to cooperate to manage the aftermath. It turns out that COVID-19 has separated the sheep from the goat like no other threat in recent history. In the following I look at successful responses and what sets them apart. Then I’ll talk about how they fit into a bigger picture from the perspective of risk management.

2020-10-11 | Mathematics of Investing

This post deals with investment and finance, applying practical mathematics and physics to financial markets. I also provide a program written in Python that performs an analysis of a portfolio of assets and finds the best selection available.

2020-09-27 | Trojan Asteroids

An updated version of my “trojan asteroids tutorial” that I initially posted in 1997.

2012-11-23 | Starting Forth Reading Notes

I recently looked into the book Starting Forth by Leo Brodie. The examples have been written and tested in GForth. These are my reading notes.