Dr. rer. nat. Wolfram Schroers (施羅斯)

For inquiries regarding my availability please reach out to me via:
Telephone: +49-170-3860383
E-mail: wolfram.schroers -at-
Wolfram's Portrait


Numerik & Analyse Schroers
Unter den Linden 24
10117 Berlin
Germany / Deutschland

Secure Communication Using PGP

For secure and confidential communication please use the following PGP key:

Dr. Wolfram Schroers PGP public key: Dr._Wolfram_Schroers.gpg2

For verification please use the following fingerprint:
Dr. Wolfram Schroers PGP public key: Key fingerprint = D0E1 3454 3250 11FE 9ADD 4DCA EA6E 8DE3 4D86 D326

S/MIME E-mail

Due to an attack discovered in August 2018 called EFAIL the security of S/MIME encrypted communication must be considered compromised. To this end no satisfactory work-around is known.

Therefore, I do no longer accept nor send out any communication based on encryption using S/MIME until further notice.

If your organization or you rely on this means of encryption, please get in contact with me by phone or any other means that you consider acceptable.