Hi, my name is Wolfram Schroers. I am a software engineer, author and speaker. Wolfram Schroers

I have been programming since I was in elementary school and really like to learn about new technology. However, for many years of my career I struggled to focus on what really matters.

  • Why is my ingenious open source project not getting any traction? But my trivial component and it gets cloned and starred like crazy?
  • How come I spent several days writing that blog post and nobody cares to read it?
  • What am I doing wrong?

This blog is about my journey to understand what really sets two people apart:

  • an engineer who accomplishes remarkable projects (even though she might not be the world’s best programmer), and
  • the literal starving artist of the software world who does brilliant work that goes unnoticed.

My goal for you is to understand how to do your best work and get the recognition you deserve! I want to help you to take your software engineering career to the next level!